SU System Board tables appeal decision for former Southern Lab head coach Marcus Randall

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Southern University Board voted Friday to table the appeal decision for former Southern University Lab School head coach, Marcus Randall.

The hearing for the former coach quickly went off the rails with SU board members sparring over what to do.

"I have not heard one thing other than hearsay that he's done anything wrong," said board member, Tony Clayton.

"Whatever we do here is still going to end up in court. We're going to be fighting two different battles," board member, Dr. Leon Tarver, II, added.

The battle to get his job back though ultimately ended in disappointment. The board voted to table the matter without a timeline for when to take it up again.

The former coach came in optimistic, but says unfortunately, it's more business as usual. "I've been waiting patiently," said Randall. "I thought this was the time and as we all see, it's been tabled and it's still going to be a waiting game."

Attorney Jill Craft represents Randall and says perhaps the worst part of the ordeal was the wrong name appearing on documents provided by the school. The name issue was just the beginning of what Craft says were glaring problems with Friday's appeal attempt.

Randall was fired as head football coach for the program in August of 2017 amid allegations of recruitment violations with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA). Almost a year later, Craft says they still have not gotten details on exactly what rules were broken and why the coach was fired.

"Come on man," Craft fumed. "I mean, he has the right to know what he's being accused of and he has the absolute right to say it's not true and to confront those allegations."

Some board members themselves even admitted during the meeting they have not heard any specific allegations against Randall. "Southern should have put forth some effort. I see that lawyers are running back and forth now and they don't have anything, so let him go back to work," said Clayton.

Randall's attorney says the fact they continue to deny her client due process is appalling. "Why can't Marcus find out what he's accused of and what is the big secret?" asked Craft.

WAFB's Scottie Hunter asked Craft if she believes board members even have the answer to that question. "I don't think anybody knows," Craft answered.

It was the LHSAA sanctions and the ongoing wrongful termination lawsuit Randall and his attorney filed that kept board members from granting the appeal Friday, but Craft says the ordeal was a prime example of why the lawsuit is not going anywhere.

"One of the board members talked about the fact that there's a court lawsuit pending. You're damned right there is and it's for violating his rights of due process," Craft added.

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The LHSAA also stripped Southern Lab of its 2015 and 2016 state championship titles. The program was slapped with sanctions and the school was fined, as well as banned from the playoffs.

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