OUR TURN: DOTD I-10 Improvements

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It may be too soon to start cheering, but there is actually work under way that may result in improvements to the Interstate 10 bottleneck that has plagued Baton Rouge drivers for years.

This past weekend, DOTD workers used high tech tools to survey the area to help them plan the road widening project that was proposed by the governor and DOTD leaders. DOTD is now beginning to share details of its plans to close some freeway exits and improve others.

Public hearings have been scheduled and state leaders are working to find the money that would finance this project. Of course, not everyone's happy with the plan, and some people are quick to point out that it will not solve our traffic problems.

Still, we are encouraged to see forward progress on an issue that has bedeviled our region for a long time. We urge everyone involved in this process to pull together so that these incremental improvements do become a reality.

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