Crews hit the streets for another Spanish Town Parade cleanup

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While the day of the Spanish Town Parade is a dream come true for Louisianians that enjoy a good Mardi Gras, the day after is a nightmare for parts of downtown Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge cleanup crews spent their Sunday cleaning up beads and trash. This year's weather didn't make things any easier.

"The beads are a lot heavier so the vacuum trucks and street sweepers have a little trouble. It takes a little longer to get the debris picked up," said Kyle Huffstickler, Director of the Department of Maintenance.

But some observers felt the trash wasn't as bad as usual. 69-year old Rudolph White has seen every Spanish Town Parade, and he says Saturday's rainy weather led to smaller crowds and less litter.

"It was smaller than usual, but it was a very nice parade overall," White said. "The weather had played a factor. A lot of people were afraid that it was gonna be worse than it was."

By around 10:30 a.m., almost all of the trash on Spanish Town Road was cleaned up, but crews say the downtown streets are the toughest, and the ones they're spending the most time on.

"They extended the parade routes on us this year so we have a lot more streets to clean up than we've had in the past, but our guys are ready to go and they'll get it done by the end of the day," Huffstickler said.

Crews expect to be out cleaning well into the evening, but they say they won't stop until they're done. Hutffstickler also said crews will do another sweep early Monday morning to make sure everything is clear.

Just a reminder, crews cannot clean up any trash on private property, that is the responsibility of the owner.

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