BIGFISH: Speckled Trout fishing heats up as water temperatures rise

VIOLET, LA (WAFB) - Have the elusive speckled trout been hard to find for you lately? Well, the good news is as that weather warms up they start to show up.

This week we're fishing along the M.R.G.O. in Violet, Louisiana.

Here's why water temperatures are so important this time of year:

  • Above 60 degrees Specks are happy
  • 50-60 degrees Specks live a normal life. Moving towards areas with deep channels and shallow flats.
  • Under 50 degrees metabolisms begin to slow dramatically. Movement and feeding is reduced.
  • Somewhere in the 40-degree range, the threat of fish kills begins.

In January water temps dipped below that 40-degree mark twice. The good news was those dips didn't last long and were spread out enough to prevent any major kills.

Now speckled trout metabolisms can't change as fast as Louisiana's temperatures but for the last three weeks water temperatures have steadily risen and are now consistently into the 50's and above.

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So basically, what's happening here is as that water warms these fish are coming up on the flats to feed. The water on top gets warmer faster than the water on the bottom does and you get big fish.

So as long as the water temperature keeps warming up the speckled trout fishing will keep heating up. That's this week's BIGFISH report. I'm Captain CT Williams with Captain Mike Gallo for WAFB 9 News.

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