ON CAM: Owl takes on snake in Prairieville

ON CAM: Owl takes on snake in Prairieville

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - A Prairieville woman captured an interesting encounter in the backyard of her Prairieville home this week.

Judge Marilyn Lambert was walking to her mailbox when she says she heard a "commotion" and looked up in a nearby tree. That's where an owl had a long snake dangling out of its mouth.

Scroll down to see the dramatic video.

While owls are known for eating snakes, this one apparently did not like the taste.

Lambert used her phone to record video of the owl, which eventually flew close to the ground and dropped the snake before flying away. While owls are most active at night, they do also hunt during daylight hours.

According to the website animalstime.com, owls are known as "opportunistic" hunters that love to eat a wide variety of animals including rodents, reptiles, and insects.

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