LSP gets new units to help combat aggressive, drunk, distracted drivers

LSP gets new units to help combat aggressive, drunk, distracted drivers

(WAFB) - Most people are used to seeing Louisiana State Police's iconic Crown Victorias and Chevy Tahoes with the LSP logo, but the fleet is now getting a new look.

Starting in February, LSP will be adding Dodge Chargers to its fleet. The fully-marked vehicles will serve alongside the vehicles already in the fleet, however, there will be some new additions to the fleet as well.

LSP is adding semi-marked and unmarked Chargers to their group of vehicles. These less visible vehicles will be used primarily to combat aggressive, impaired, and distracted drivers. LSP says for years, they've heard Louisiana drivers complain of increasingly dangerous driving behaviors on the state's highways, and unfortunately, fully-marked vehicles used by troopers often hinder efforts to stop these dangerous behaviors.

The new, less visible, semi-marked vehicles will allow troopers to better blend in with normal traffic and stop drivers who behave recklessly.

The semi-marked Chargers will have reflective, silver lettering and logos that will be less visible than the standard blue and red graphics. They will also be equipped with low-profile exterior and interior blue lights instead of the traditional overhead lights. Similarly, the unmarked Chargers will have low-profile blue exterior and interior lights and will have no exterior markings.

The interior of all the new vehicles will remain the same and all troopers will still be in uniform.

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