Pink flamingos flock to LSU Lakes for Mardi Gras

Pink flamingos flock to LSU Lakes for Mardi Gras

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The LSU Lakes were once again covered in pink, as the annual flock of flamingos covered the water Monday morning.

The event promotes Baton Rouge's biggest Mardi Gras Parade, Spanish Town, which will roll through the streets in a few weeks.

Spanish Town organizers put more than a dozen giant, plywood, pink flamingos in the LSU Lakes.

"Normally they're not here when I find out about them, but one of my co-workers came into work, told me there were about fifty left in the lake, so I took leave and came out here to grab some," said Dominic Miserendino.

It may be a long-standing tradition, but many rookies were on the water.

Rookie Brien Buxton said he had a lot of fun during his first time Monday morning.

"I like the thrill," Buxton said. "And I'm off on Monday so, it's like, a little birdie told me, or the birdies told me the flamingoes were going out, so I woke up, set the alarm clock for six thirty, seven o clock and I was out here."

Steve Kelly has lived in Baton Rouge since 1971, but he hadn't tired to grab a flamingo until last year.

Now he's got a collection.

"My wife had been after me and I kept saying it was stealing and she says it's adopting," Kelly said. "So we're adopting some more."

The theme for the 2018 parade and ball is "Game of Thongs."

The Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade will roll at noon on Feb. 10, 2018.


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