Weather prompts residents to prepare for the worst

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - For Mr. Ronnie, this Saturday has turned to a day of yard work. That's impromptu yard work, in the rain.

"The leaves get all over the top of the drainage basins and it just stops it up," he said. "I've done this about three times, on three different occasions."

The weekend started off on a wet note in East Baton Rouge Parish, several inches of rain falling for hours. Mr. Ronnie is raking leaves from his already clogged drains.

"It's always been a problem here in Central, but we kind of knew that when we bought here," he said. "But it never used to get this bad."

The 5-6 inches of rain that pounded the City of Central, combined with backed-up drains, was visibly an issue. Standing water threatened to enter many homes.

"Anytime we get 5 inches, we're going to get this unless they dig some more canals or clean out Beaver Bayou further," the central resident said.

But for Mr. Ronnie, water inching closer to his front porch didn't come as a surprise - his home took on 13 inches during the August flood.

"If it does it again, I'm getting out of here. They can have it," he said.

On the other side of town, Ewell Netter is fighting the same battle except for his weapon of choice is a shovel.

"I remember 2016, so let me over-prepare," Netter said.

East Baton Rouge Parish gave away sand for residents willing to fill their own bags.

Netter said his family lost everything in the flood and even though the weather didn't get as bad this time, he's not taking any chances.

"When you go through something like the 2016 flood, feeling like you were not prepared, it triggers a response of being prepared...a bit more, even if it's premature," Newell said.

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