BIGFISH: Sheepshead and Black Drum are plentiful despite cold weather

DELACROIX, LA - Winter fishing may make catching speckled trout a challenge, but a lot of great fighting, great tasting, and easy to catch fish are still available on the water. Warmer temperatures may have you thinking about a little fishing this weekend.

Trout are still in a winter daze right now; cold water temps came dangerously close to causing major fish kills and it may be a while until those specks come out of their cold water coma. The good news is there is still plenty of great fishing.

Sheepshead is a fish with many names:  tiger perch, convict, rondo sea brim. Both sheepshead and black drum are plentiful, they're the polar bear of fish. Right now, both are getting into their breeding seasons, and despite the cold-water temperatures are very active.

You can catch these fish near structure with oysters rocks and shells.

"The sheepshead has probably the most varied diet of any coastal marsh fish. The Sheephead will eat marsh grasses, algae, barnacles, and then obviously shrimp, dead shrimp that's what we're using today," Captain CT Williams explained.

Even getting the fish to bite can be easy.

"Do some chumming with some dead shrimp and get a little chum line going. And a slick. Take what you can. Usually, they're slow to show up but when do start getting them to come around you get a few. And the redfish and the black drum can sometimes easily follow," said Captain Mike Gallo, of Angling Adventures Charter Fishing.

Redfish are also plentiful, especially in Delacroix.

"Mega amounts of reds in the big lakes and stuff. You can fish out on the bottom. When we get some good warm weather just fish the points and pockets and they're back and pretty thick," said Captain Jack Payne, of Sweetwater Marina Lodging and Fishing.

Even marsh bass are pretty hardy in cold water temperatures. And remember all fish have to eat to survive so don't be surprised if you come across a speckled trout or two.

Most importantly, bundle up, wear layers, and take advantage of this week's little warm up. There is likely colder weather ahead.

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