90-year-old woman makes it into work despite icy weather

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many people missed work Wednesday because of the icy roads, but one 90-year-old woman made sure she was able to clock in.

The woman, simply known as Momma J, made it to Robert's Fresh Market on Highland Road in Baton Rouge for her shift. While many workers decided to take the day off because of the slick, icy roads, she had a different idea.

"One of the guys came here and picked me up," said Momma J. "They're very sweet about that. They treat me like, like... I'm their grandma."

Momma J has lived in Baton Rouge most of her life. For the past eight years, her coworkers at Robert's have been her second family. They made it a priority to get her to work on Wednesday. "I just love to be around them and I live by myself, so I just like my little job," said Momma J. "The work is good, but the people around, they treat me like... very respected."

Those employees say Momma J rarely misses a day of work. She says she would actually be sad if she was not around her second family, and that's why she didn't let the cold weather stop her.

"I called one of them because I couldn't start my little car," Momma J explained. "So I called one of them and here they were. They came and picked me up."

So the next time you're looking for an excuse not to go to work, just remember Momma J as a symbol of dedication.

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