Pet rescue group removes over 17 cats from mobile home of committed hoarder

Pet rescue group removes over 17 cats from mobile home of committed hoarder

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A Livingston Parish pet rescue group can breathe a sigh of relief after removing several cats from an abandoned mobile home where the owner was reportedly committed to a psychiatric ward for hoarding, the group says.

Andrea Bryant-Young, Emily Eskine, Amy Sanchez, and members of the Lost and Found Pets in Livingston Facebook group rescued 17 cats from a mobile home located in the 8500 block of Sharee Place in Denham Springs.

On Saturday, several posts within the group showed the deplorable conditions of a mobile home that seemed to be abandoned. In several photos and videos, over 20 cats can be seen living in the home.

The group took the initiative to rescue the cats Sunday afternoon. Eskine tells WAFB the group planned to rescue all of the cats in the mobile home but ran out of kennels. They say there are still at least five cats in need of rescue.

According to the group, the owner of the mobile home was recently committed to a psychiatric ward by her mother due to hoarding of the cats.

Eskine and others claimed that the SPCA of Livingston was contacted for assistance, but Tina Carlton, an officer with the SPCA, says the organization was never contacted. Carlton did, however, offer to provide her personal kennels to the rescuers in an effort to help shelter the cats in a comment on the original Facebook post.

Carlton also noted that the Denham Springs Animal Shelter, by law, couldn't offer assistance because it's outside of city limits.

The group says they are still in need of help and have since started accepting donations.

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