Alderman defends former Killian police chief after audit accuses him of misuse of funds

Town hall meeting in Killian (Source: WAFB)
Town hall meeting in Killian (Source: WAFB)

KILLIAN, LA (WAFB) - Tuesday night in Killian, the top topic for town leaders was that of a state audit slamming the ex-police chief for alleged misuse of funds. One town alderman, Gillis Windham, stuck up for the ex-chief.

"Dennis Hill has been our saving grace during disaster. We slept well in our beds because the man was here and I regret that the man has had so much negative publicity," said Windham. "Every damn audit this town has ever had we've been written up for lack of segregational duties because we do not have the proper amount of personnel and cannot afford the personnel for the checks and balances."

The audit was up for discussion during Tuesday night's council meeting. The audit accused Hill of claiming overtime money for hours he didn't work. State investigators also claimed Hill paid for vacations, gas, and a suit with taxpayer money and federal grants. The interim mayor, Peter Bock, says the evidence is damning.

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"We just let him have a little bit too much of his own say so in his own department. I've taken steps to try to curtail that, we are going to curtail that," said Bock. "I'm firmly against any effort to bring Chief Hill back. I applaud all the services he provided to the town and the personal time he put into it and I know he's heartbroken over this, but it is what it is and we can't tolerate it."

The town is working on two new laws, one that will set the salary of the police chief, which can be reviewed each year. The second will lay out new overtime guidelines and oversight.

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