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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat advisories issued for all of Baton Rouge area

First Alert Weather (Source: WAFB) First Alert Weather (Source: WAFB)

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Hot enough for you?

Not only did some WAFB neighborhoods reach the mid 90s Friday, but Doppler radar was "blip-free" across the WAFB area. Hence, no one benefited from a brief shower to break the afternoon heat.

Unfortunately, the First Alert Forecast for the weekend shows it only getting hotter over the next two days, with little or no chance for rain in the region either!

A Heat Advisory went into effect at 11 a.m. Friday for almost all of the WAFB area, with an exception along the Gulf coastal margin. Plan for a repeat on Saturday and Sunday. And like Friday, few, if any, WAFB neighborhoods will see relief in the form of passing showers on Saturday or Sunday either. While weekend rain chances aren’t zero, they are awfully close.

The Storm Team’s weekend forecast calls for fair, but muggy morning starts for Saturday and Sunday with daybreak temperatures in the upper 70s for metro Baton Rouge. Many communities closer to the coast may not get out of the 80s during the early morning hours on either day. Those warm and muggy morning temperatures are a reflection of the Gulf humidity that will remain in place all weekend long. However, while humidity/moisture will not be lacking, mid/upper level high pressure will effectively squash any chance for significant rains. We do not expect much relief from afternoon cloud cover either. As a result, get ready for highs in the mid and upper 90s around the area for both weekend afternoons.

Factor in the humidity with those hot afternoon temperatures, and we could see prolonged runs of hours with Heat Index readings above 100° on both days, with daily maximums at or near 110°! That is well into the dangerous heat category, according to National Weather Service (NWS) guidelines.

While 110° is far from a record for the WAFB area, it's still oppressive and uncommon for the Red Stick. If you intend to spend time outdoors this weekend, please be careful (and smart) in the weekend heat. Hydrate, cool, repeat!

The oppressive afternoon heat will continue into Monday too, with highs expected to reach the mid to upper 90s again and rain chances set at 20 percent or less. The good news is the high pressure ridge responsible for the weekend heat will begin breaking down early next week, allowing for a reprieve from the mid/upper 90s, as well as improving chances for afternoon rains as the week progresses.

In fact, some of our computer guidance is hinting at a weak cool front sagging into the Lower Mississippi Valley around mid-week. Now don't get too excited by this news; it won’t get “cool,” but we could see slightly drier, less humid air filtering in for at least a couple of days.

Note that rain chances on the First Alert 7-Day Outlook will slowly increase next week, with daytime highs dropping into the low 90s rather than mid/upper 90s. Cool? Hardly. But it will at least mean a return of more “normal” mid-summer temperatures and scattered afternoon rains.

Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center continues to deliver some good news with the all clear posted for the Atlantic Basin through the next five to seven days.


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