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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat advisories issued for much of Baton Rouge area

First Alert Weather (Source: WAFB) First Alert Weather (Source: WAFB)

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It's only going to get hotter in the coming days!

Thursday's afternoon rains were far more limited in coverage than we had expected, suggesting the western "heat dome" has expanded eastward faster than we anticipated.

That “heat dome,” a ridge of high pressure that was centered over Texas Wednesday, will keep most of the WAFB area dry for Friday and the weekend. Why? The high pressure inhibits cloud development under the dome and that has two effects:

  1. Fewer, flatter clouds means less opportunity for rain
  2. Reduced cloud cover and the resulting increase in sunshine typically means more heat and therefore, higher daytime temperatures

That's exactly what the WAFB First Alert Forecast says for Friday and the weekend. Set rain chances at 10 percent or less for all three days, with area-wide highs in the mid 90s for each afternoon. Indeed, some WAFB neighborhoods could reach the upper 90s on one or more days.

Factor in our local Gulf humidity and we can expect Heat Index readings to reach 105° or more during the three afternoons. And remember, the Heat Index is the "feels like" temperature (the apparent temperature) in the shade and without significant physical activity. Outdoor activities in the direct sunshine during the afternoon on any of the three days will come with an apparent temperature that jumps from 105° to as much is 115° or more.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Heat Advisory for Friday (in effect through 8 p.m.). It's likely the NWS will issue Heat Advisories for the weekend too. Regardless of whether the NWS issues additional advisories or not, here is ours: We advise that you be extra careful in the heat this weekend!

Into next week, the First Alert Forecast keeps things mostly dry with highs in the mid 90s for Monday too. After that, however, we expect the "heat dome" to begin breaking down and retreating to the west. That should open the weather door for a return of scattered afternoon showers and t-storms for the rest of the work week and bring afternoon high temperatures back down to the low 90s instead of mid 90s.

In the tropics, the National Hurricane Center calls for the Atlantic Basin to remain quiet through the next five days or more.


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