Audit finds fired Killian police chief was paid for OT not worked, more

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A state legislative audit released Monday, January 8 alleges the former Killian police chief stole from the town and the state. Investigators say they found vacations, gas, and fancy suits purchased by former chief, Dennis Hill, were paid for with grants and taxpayers' money.

The firing of Hill was the talk of the town last June. Craig McGehee, who was the mayor then, told 9News at the time he fired Hill after a history of alleged fraudulent activity dating back to at least 2015.

"He went on vacation, took the [police] unit, took his family in the unit, and charged the gas for the trip to the town," McGehee said.

McGehee says when he reprimanded Hill, he repaid the money he allegedly charged the town, but it was a photo posted on Facebook last Memorial Day weekend that opened doors to what is now a state investigation. It shows hill vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama when he claimed he was working in Killian.

State Investigative Audit Manager Greg Clapinski says it doesn't stop there. "We found out that on one occasion, another police officer actually worked one of those shifts, but the police chief still got paid," Clapinski said.

According to the audit, state investigators obtained dispatch logs and found no activity by Hill during 487 of the 517 hours he claimed to have worked. Upon further review, auditors determined Hill had issued no tickets during those hours.

"The unusual thing with the police department is that neither the chief nor any of his officers filled out time sheets for their regular hours, so when they actually did claim overtime hours, we couldn't determine whether those hours were actually overtime based on whether they actually worked a full week," Clapinski said.

According to a meeting agenda posted on the door of Town Hall, the council is set to discuss an overtime ordinance at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. Clapinski says it was one of several suggestions by state auditors. "If you don't have controls, if you don't have time sheets or documentation for regular time, then there's no way to determine if any additional hours are actual overtime," Clapinski said.

McGehee, who left his post as mayor last June for a new job, told 9News, "I continued to pay in overtime the same way we had in the prior administration. I can assume we had it all correct, but apparently not."

State auditors also noted issues with personal purchases Hill allegedly made with the town's credit card, missing traffic tickets, and $31,119 worth of scuba gear for the police dive team that he allegedly improperly purchased from a company owned by the dive team commander.

9News went to Hill's home seeking a comment, but no one answered. Our calls to him were not returned. The state audit has been sent to the district attorney's office for review.

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