Eagle Scout builds new pet cemetery

Eagle Scout builds new pet cemetery

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Mary Tharp was crushed when her doberman, Miss Lexi, passed away at the age of 12, but she was even more crushed when she couldn't find a proper resting place for her ashes. That's when a fellow church member came to help.

"We want our loved ones closer," Tharp said. "And although there are pet cemeteries down along Airline Highway, we wanted one here."

Ivey Smith needed to complete a big project in order to get an Eagle Scout badge. The end result was a memorial just for pets at his church, Saint Luke's in Baton Rouge.

"At that time I was looking to do an Eagle Scout project and I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to help out my church," Smith said.

Smith is an animal lover himself. He and his family own five dogs. He built the cemetery himself - putting in the dirt, building the fence, and topping it off with a donated statue.

The graves don't have headstones, but they have rocks along the edge of the cemetery where pet owners can write messages.

"When they pass, it's very tough," Smith said. "They're practically family members, and a lot of people need help in processing that, and I think this garden will be a good opportunity for them to help in that grieving process."

The cemetery is for any owner in the Baton Rouge Area. For more information, and to make arrangements, call Saint Luke's at: (225) 926-5343

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