Despite DOJ move, Louisiana moving ahead with medical pot

Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' dictate on federal marijuana prosecutions isn't slowing Louisiana plans to have medical marijuana available to patients by the summer.

Sessions announced the end to Obama-era policy that kept federal authorities from cracking down on legalized pot.

Supporters of Louisiana's medical marijuana program hope the state won't be targeted because it only allows medicinal, not recreational, marijuana. Acting U.S. Attorney Corey R. Amundson seemed to suggest Louisiana's burgeoning program won't be impacted.

Amundson oversees federal prosecutors in Louisiana's Middle District where both medical marijuana growing operations will be located. He said the pot cases handled by his office typically involve violence or unregulated trafficking.

In a statement, Amundson said: "We do not anticipate a significant change in the federal enforcement of marijuana activities in this district."

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