BIGFISH: Freezing temps make fishing anything but slow in St. Bernard Parish

CHALMETTE, LA (WAFB) - Well as we head into the first weekend of 2018 you might think with this cold weather that this weekend's fishing might be a little slow. But down here in St. Bernard Parish you'd be wrong.

Since the beginning of the year, redfish have been piled up under the Ycloskey Bridge in Shell Beach. The cold temperatures bring the fish here every time the weather takes an icy plunge. It also brings a ton of roadside anglers.

Where do these redfish come from? Well, they come from these shallow waters through this canal primarily to the deeper and warmer waters of the main bayou. This is a pattern you can use where you fish just as easily.

The marshes are full of shallow ponds and waterways perfect for feeding redfish. That is until string north winds blow water out of the marsh and nearly freeze what's left. Then the fish have no choice but to make their way to deeper water.

When temperatures drop this pattern can be repeated almost anywhere. In shallow marshes near deep water on or off the road boat or dock and you are likely to find redfish.

So you can come down here and join the crowd or you can think about the areas where you like to fish you can find this same pattern and probably find the same thing with fewer people.

With this week's big fish report, I'm Captain CT Williams with WAFB 9 News.

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