Capital One says account errors are resolved

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Capital One reported it has resolved its glitch that caused numerous customers to have errors on their accounts.

The glitch resulted in some Capital One debit card purchases to be posted twice to customer accounts.

In many cases, customers were left overdrawn and unable to access any money.

"Customers are being notified when they sign in to their accounts or contact us that their balances should now be accurate," a bank spokesperson said Thursday morning.

"Customer accounts have been credited for any inaccurate postings related to the issue. Customers can continue accessing their accounts and our services via our online banking, mobile app, branches and ATM, and contact us if they have any further concerns," the spokesperson added.

Users of Capital One debit cards around the country reported having some of their charges withdrawn from their accounts at least twice Wednesday. In some cases, the same charge was withdrawn three times.

For example, one man made a $19.88 debit card charge at his neighborhood grocery store. That charge was posted twice to his account. Others had charges amounting to hundreds of dollars that were taken out of their accounts at least twice.

Many customers posted on social media saying that the mistake caused their accounts to go into a negative balance, leaving them unable to access their money. Capital One posted a tweet Wednesday telling customers to "rest assured our support teams are engaged and working towards a fix" and promised that all balances would be corrected as soon as possible.

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