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#DryJanuary: Trending hashtag encouraging millions to give up alcohol for the month

(Source: Dry January) (Source: Dry January)
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The hashtag #DryJanuary is all over social media - with photos and videos suggesting ways to stay busy that don't involve drinking.

Dry January is an annual movement where millions of people give up alcohol for the month of January, according to the movement's website.

Creators says participating in Dry January enables people to take control of their relationship with alcohol and to drive the conversation about alcohol.

Three reasons for participating, the movement says, are to lose weight, sleep better, and save money.

"If we could come up with a new health supplement or discovered a superfood that had all those benefits, we’d be millionaires," their website says. "But instead we aim to offer the help, advice, and encouragement to let you get these benefits yourself, all for free."

Dry January offers a complementary app for participants to use. In the app, those participating in the #dryJanuary can see the impact giving up alcohol has on their health and wallet by see the amount of money saved and calories reduced by not drinking.

For more information on Dry January and how to download the app, visit their website.

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