BRPD investigating several Christmas Day smash and grabs along Brightside

Alexandria Bellvie and Honey (Source: WAFB)
Alexandria Bellvie and Honey (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Police Department is investigating a string of brazen Christmas Day burglaries along Brightside Drive that all happened within the span of a few hours.

One of the alleged victims, Alexandria Bellvie, calls it the Christmas from hell.

"All of this frame was just off, this part was off, and this was actually on the floor," said Bellvie.

She came home not to presents, but to a busted front door Monday after spending about 45 minutes getting groceries. Her Brightside Manor apartment was allegedly broken into in broad daylight. She claims the thieves ran up to her front door before kicking it in. She says they swiped her DJ equipment and game system, but her TV was untouched.

"Thank God they weren't that savage I guess," she added.

The crime then continued up the stairs, where she believes whoever did it grabbed whatever they could lift, including her backup DJ equipment, and left her room ransacked.

"Yeah, I was rushing to get ready for work, but I didn't do any of this," said Bellvie. "It's just the feeling of someone ripping through your stuff. It just really adds to the violation of the situation."

With cabinets ripped off their tracks and unmentionables scattered everywhere, Bellvie says perhaps the biggest violation is not knowing who is responsible.

"Because you don't know who was in here, that's the worst thing. I don't know who was in here," she added.

Among the leftover pieces of her broken door frame, Bellvie and her dog, Honey, are both looking to comfort each other. She says the worst part is what cannot be replaced — her sense of security.

"Material stuff, as aggravating as it is, can be replaced, but my peace of mind is kind of like shattered and gone," said Bellvie.

This alleged burglary was part of a string of holiday afternoon smash and grabs in the same area. Another happened at 2446 Brightside Drive and two more at the Campus Crossing Apartments.

Strangely, it does give Bellvie a little comfort knowing she was not specifically targeted and the crimes were seemingly random. "It does make you feel a little better to know that okay, it wasn't just me," said Bellvie.

While there is no real way to prevent a crime of opportunity, police say it's a good idea to lock up, hide all valuables, and always stay alert.

Bellvie is just glad neither she nor Honey were hurt in the process, but she still hopes whoever committed the crime is caught. "It's wrong and I feel like if they're doing it to us, then they're going to just keep on going," she added.

Anyone with information on any of the crimes is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Bellvie purchase new DJ equipment.

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