New local restaurant holds toy giveaway and free meals on Christmas Eve

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Tiffiany Gray and Shetika Deamer met each other just one year ago. Then, over the course of a haircut, they decided to become business partners.

"I was sitting in her chair, she was doing my hair, and we started talking about food and different stuff and hey... here it is," Gray said.

They haven't known each other long, but they share the same qualities; the desire to run a successful restaurant with good food, and give back to the neighborhood they now call home.

"Every chance we get we're gonna try to go in and show this community support because they really showed a lot of love to us being here," Deamer said. "Because when you step into a new territory, don't know anybody, and you go in and they show that much love, that's a blessing."

The pair opened their restaurant, Flamin Wingz, on Gus Young Avenue near 48th street two months ago. On Christmas Eve, they put away the cash registers and opened their Christmas spirits. Families in need were welcome to a free meal, and children got to choose from a collection of toys, courtesy of the owners.

"We love kids, and kids love us, and they love to come around us, and they've been around us since we've had this place, and they've been helping us a lot so we just decided to do it for the kids and the neighborhood," Gray said.

Gray and Deamer may not have known each other long, but they when the holiday season rolls around, everyone becomes a big family. From their blood relatives to the people coming in for those free meals.

"All the violence and different things that's going on in the community," Deamer said. "As many times as you can if you can give back and make something positive in a situation where people always look for it to be bad. That's a plus... just always a plus."

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