VIDEO: Dog rescued by police officers from frozen pond

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ (WAFB) - Emergency responders will put their lives on the line to help those in distress. Sometimes, that includes members of four-legged community.

On a snowy night in Mercer County, New Jersey, a dog named Nisel fell through some ice and was trapped in a pond. The dog's owner called for help and officers with the Hopewell Township Police Department acted fast.

Officers Robert Voorhees and George Peterson volunteered to take on the dangerous task of saving Nisel. Officer Voorhees was fastened to a rope and crawled out on the crackling ice.

Once on the ice, Nisel was able to swim to Officer Voorhees, who quickly grabbed the pooch by the collar and they were both pulled to safety.

Nisel survived and the rescue effort was documented on camera. The video was uploaded to the department's Facebook page and it has brought a small amount of internet fame to the town that has a population of roughly 16,000.

More importantly, the video shows the level of commitment our first responders have to the safety of all members in the community, no matter how much fur they might have.

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