What you should do if your package gets stolen this holiday season

What you should do if your package gets stolen this holiday season
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Over a billion packages will be shipped this holiday season, according to Fortune. UPS is expected to deliver around 750 million packages and FedEx expects to ship 400 million.

Unfortunately, there are some people take advantage of these high number of deliveries and steal packages from front porches or doorsteps.

If a Grinch steals a package that was delivered to your home, the first thing you should do is file a police report, according to Dean Foust with UPS. The second thing you should do is contact the shipper. "Some shippers will provide a replacement package but, of course, this practice varies by retailer," Foust said.

When filing a police report for the stolen package, Don Coppola, a spokesperson for Baton Rouge Police Department, says you should include a description of the product or products that were stolen, along with any tracking numbers or product serial numbers. Also, include any witness accounts of the theft.

If you or your neighbor has surveillance video or photos, of the incident, be sure to hand that over to investigators. Coppola says video can be very helpful in identifying suspects and establishing a timeline of when the theft occurred.

Information can be added to police report once it has been filed. If you find out something new about the theft after you've filed the report, like from neighbor who remembers seeing the suspect, Coppola says you can add that information as a supplement to the initial report.

Before you have a package delivered, experts recommend you do the following to protect your item:

  • Get a serial number (if possible) for the item
  • Get a tracking number for the shipment
  • Sign up for tracking alerts from the shipping provider

If you won't be at home when the item is delivered, Coppola recommends you either have the package shipped to your workplace (if allowed) or ask a trusted neighbor to watch for the package.

Foust says if your item is shipped through UPS you can use the UPS My Choice online and app service to choose where your item is shipped. You can even have it shipped to a business, such as a grocery store, deli, or dry cleaners, that has a UPS Access Point. Or you can have it shipped to a UPS store.

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