Dutchtown High School opens new Freshman Academy

Dutchtown High School opens new Freshman Academy

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Dutchtown High School in Ascension Parish cut the ribbon on their brand new Freshman Academy Monday morning. It will serve over 600 freshmen.

All of those freshmen will have the majority of their classes at this building, while having other classes at the main campus. School officials say it's a good way for freshmen to transition from middle school to high school. One of those freshmen is class president, James Young, who says he's most excited about the new science classrooms and equipment.

"Going to my new classrooms, just getting a feel for everything, getting to get more into the science, maybe like experimenting with little things," Young said.

The new building cost $12.8 billion in taxpayer revenue. Superintendent David Alexander believes the new facility will help freshmen adjust. "The model here is that it provides some structures for your incoming freshmen, so that you can give them the necessary support that they need to make that transition," Alexander said. "While at the same time, you continue to integrate them into the high school population with elective classes, at lunch, and the activities they participate in."

"Our teachers are able to meet about them daily," said Principal Carli Francois. "We call them teaming meetings. This helps us ensure that our kids don't fall through the cracks, so they're talking about kids every day. They're pulling kids in. It helps us to offer individual interventions for kids who are struggling."

Freshmen will start taking classes at the new facility on January 9, 2018.

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