Man arrested after violent attack, kidnap of ex-girlfriend and her kids

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man is behind bars after an ordeal lasting nearly two weeks where he allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend, kidnapped her and her kids, and abandoned them in an unsafe area of the city.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office has in custody 26-year-old DaCarie Jones, who was charged with second-degree kidnapping, child desertion, unauthorized use of a vehicle, unauthorized entry to a home, home invasion, and stalking.

Jones was arrested on Friday after a second break-in where he fell asleep inside of his ex-girlfriend's apartment, authorities say.

The ordeal began on December 6 when Jones allegedly gained entry into the victim's apartment, located on Florida Blvd., without permission. According to the probable cause report obtained by WAFB, this was the second time the victim said Jones had illegally gained access to her home since the couple split a month prior. The last occasion, the victim told police, resulted in her allegedly being battered and assaulted with a knife.

After gaining entry to the victim's home, authorities say Jones immediately went after the victim and allegedly made verbal threats that he was armed with a gun.

According to the probable cause report, Jones then ordered the victim to dress herself and dragged her and her two children into her vehicle where he allegedly began driving them to an unknown destination. The children are aged 1 and 2, police say.

The victim told police Jones hit her multiple times with his hands and fists while driving the vehicle while accusing her of having relationships with other men.

The victim was able to eventually escape from Jones by faking an illness and asking to purchase medicine from a drug store on O'Neal Lane. While at the location, multiple employees told police they witnessed the victim attempt to escape from Jones, who repeatedly hit her and attempted to drag her away from the vehicle. When he was unsuccessful, Jones then took the victim's two children and sped away in her vehicle, authorities say.

According to the probable cause report, the event was captured on videotape and placed into evidence.

According to a family member of the victim, the vehicle and children were found abandoned near Florida Blvd. and Marque Ann Dr., an area known for high-crime activity. Authorities say the temperature was cold outside and the children were left without supervision or adequate clothing.

On December 15, the victim contacted authorities again because Jones illegally gained entry to her apartment another time. She told police since the December 6 incident, Jones was not allowed in her home and due to the repeated pattern of alleged violence, she felt unsafe.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Jones sleeping in a bedroom where he was then arrested and taken into custody.

Upon questioning, Jones told police he and the victim were no longer dating and he had gained access to her apartment by using a key because he had nowhere else to go.

Jones was transported to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison where he is being held on an $81,000 bond.

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