City of Baton Rouge pledges to fill all potholes by 2018

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In your commute to work or school, you probably drive over a pothole or two, but drivers might have also noticed maintenance crews with the City of Baton Rouge's doing a little patching.

Around four months ago, over 3,000 potholes were sprinkled around East Baton Rouge Parish, but recently, drivers might have noticed a change. "Right now, there are about 350 lefts in the 311 system," said Kyle Huffstickler, head of the maintenance department. "Our goal is to get the system cleared by the end of the year."

The City of Baton Rouge is pledging to fix over 300 potholes by 2018. Huffstickler says there are two types of methods that can be used to fix a pothole: cold patch and hot patch. "The cold patch method tends to be more of a temporary fix," Huffstickler said. "But it also can be a permanent fix, it just depends on the situation." The hot patch uses the same material, but tends to be a more tedious process and requires the material to be heated.

The cold patch method is fast and from watching the crews fill a few holes, it only takes minutes to do. The head of the maintenance department says they chose to cold patch the holes because they had so many requests in the 311 system, they just needed to get the numbers down so they could respond to requests faster in the future. "If we have to come back again and fix it, we will, but the goal is to clear the backlog," Huffstickler said.

The director says crews are working overtime to make driving safer and start the new year fresh and free of potholes. "This pothole that we just repaired might last two weeks, six months, it might even last two years, but it's a way to get the complaints and potholes repaired as quickly as possible so it doesn't develop and cause damage to vehicles," Huffstickler said.

Officials say community members should call the city at 311 for requests to fix a pothole.

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