Woman accused of leaving autistic child in cold vehicle for over 2 hours while playing bingo

Woman accused of leaving autistic child in cold vehicle for over 2 hours while playing bingo

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A woman is in custody after police say she left a juvenile in a cold vehicle for over two hours while she played bingo on the day of snowfall in the Baton Rouge area.

Officers with Baker Police Department arrested 53-year-old Leslie Domengeaux on charges of improper supervision and child endangerment after a male juvenile was discovered inside of a grey GMC pickup truck parked in front of Baker Bingo Hall.

According to the probable cause report, on December 8 around 4:48 p.m., officers received an anonymous call stating the truck had been in the same spot for 4 hours with a male child in it the entire time. It is worth noting this was also the day the Baton Rouge area experienced one of the biggest snow events in its history receiving 3.5" inches of snow.

Upon arrival, the responding officer found the child in the passenger seat of the truck wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants. The officer also noticed the child was not wearing a jacket and the truck's engine was not running, while the outside temperature was about 35 degrees, police say.

Officers say they were able to get the child's attention to which he later opened the door. When asked where his parents were, the child was non-verbal in his responses but was able to look and point towards the Baker Bingo Hall, police say.

When Domengeaux walked outside of the bingo hall she told police the child was under her supervision. She told officers she had only been inside for 20 minutes, but multiple eyewitnesses confirmed she was inside for at least two hours.

Officers later released the child to a responsible party. It was then when officers learned the non-verbal child suffers from autism.

Domengeaux was transported to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. She has since bonded out.

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