One Year Later: Good Samaritan who stopped to help dying woman on Essen Lane

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's just another day for Daniel Wesley, 18, who works at the Trophy House on Florida Boulevard, but it's a day Wesley has been counting down to. That's because a year ago, the teen was in a hospital.

"Wow, it was really a year ago," said Wesley. "It felt like forever because of all the things that happened, from throwing the first pitch out at LSU to butt loads of therapy."

On November 27, 2016, Wesley was headed home from the Mall of Louisiana. "I saw a lady just lying in the middle of the street," said Wesley.

That lady was April Peck, whose boyfriend, Terrel Walker, tossed her out of her own car into the middle of Essen Lane. Wesley happened to have his dad's paramedic bag in the car and jumped into action. As he was by Peck's side trying to save her life, he says, "That's when the car hit me and the next minute, it was kind of like a blur, but I remember thinking, 'I just got hit by a car, like I need to get out of the middle of the road.'"

"I just laid down and that's when he got out and yelled, 'You're helping her, I'm going to kill you too,' and started shooting and that's when he hit me in the butt," said Wesley.

Wesley says that's when Walker went for the others who were helping Peck, including a paramedic. "The guy was actually chasing me with the gun, saying that he was going to kill me for helping her," said a paramedic.

"I was just lying there like, 'Come on man, come on,' and he shot me again in the arm," said Wesley.

But the teen told himself as long as he was not shot in the chest or head, he was fine. Finally, Walker started to leave the scene, but not without one more run-in with Wesley. "He ran over my leg and my foot just twisted from pointing down to where it was pointing up in the air, like a 180° twist and broke my femur," said Wesley.

He was run over twice and shot twice. As he laid in the hospital bed, he says his thought process wasn't if he would still be able to do all he ever wanted to, but when. The past year has included plenty of physical therapy, some surgeries, and overcoming challenges all during his senior year of high school.

Now, a year later, Wesley says he's been cleared by his physical therapist and from the looks of it, you would never be able to tell what all the 18-year-old has been through. "That's the scar from my arm surgery. That is the bullet hole and the entrance is right there. Right there, that's from the stitches where they had to insert screws above my knee because it is two screws here, a metal rod, and two screws into my hip" said Wesley.

But Wesley says even knowing all that happened, he would still do everything the same that day and his only regret is he could not save Peck's life.

"Everyone said, 'Oh, that cost an arm and a leg.' I mean an arm and a leg is cheap compared to someone's life. Like if I would have lost my leg or if I would have lost my arm or any of that, I am still alive and if I would have saved her, so was she," said Wesley.

Wesley says there wasn't much he thought he couldn't do after his injuries, except be in the military. Now though, his doctors have cleared him and he awaits word from doctors in the military.

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