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Dutchtown High School leaders to attend international education conference

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Dutchtown High School (DTHS) has been invited to a conference that is being held in Boston, Massachusetts to share ideas with educators from across the globe. The school was named a 2017 World-Leading Learner and was invited to join the Global Learning Network (GLN), a community of educators from schools that develop, practice, and share innovative approaches to education.

DTHS offers two such programs. Emergency Medical Responder teacher, Ronnie Harper, is showing a class of juniors and seniors how to perform CPR, a known live-saving technique used to restore oxygen and blood flow when a person stops breathing. When that happens, every second counts.

“I build into the class a lot of opportunities to get them to think under pressure,” Harper said.

The class is one of three emergency medicine classes offered by the Louisiana Bureau of Emergency Medical Services being taught at DTHS. The students are working on a certification that puts them in line for a job as soon as they graduate.

“It is so easy to motivate kids to stay focused in this class because not only are they pursuing a potential career as they go through college where they can have a part-time job, also they want to know how to handle an emergency situation,” Harper said.

You will find the same concept cooking in Traci Hymel's ProStart culinary class, a program supported by the Louisiana Restaurant Association. Students use restaurant-grade appliances and cutlery that puts them on course for a career in the industry, if they choose. School Principal Carli Francois says the career-driven curriculum primes them for success.

“It's no longer about preparing our students who are college bound. It's preparing all students regardless of the path they will take,” Francois said.

Francois and the DTHS assistant principal are heading to Boston next week to meet with education leaders from Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, and Canada to discuss ways to enhance career development. It's a chance for them to show off their skills and pick up a few new ones.

“I'm always looking for opportunities to bring that knowledge back and ultimately impact the lives of our students,” Francois said.

Career-specific classes are offered at all high schools in Ascension Parish.

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