Community supports injured BRPD officer

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge community has stepped up to back the Faust family as they adjust to a new normal.

"We do what any community does," said Rendy Richard from Behind the Line. "We come together and make sure that a family has opportunities like anyone else does."

Sunday evening The Baton Rouge Police Department along with the Baton Rouge Union of Police, Back the Blue, Behind the Line BR and the Magnolia Peace Officers Association hosted "A Christmas of Hope," a benefit for veteran police officer Rickey Faust and his family.

Faust is currently bound to a wheelchair following a car crash in March.

On top of Officer Faust trying to focus on his recovery, his wife was forced to stop working to be by his side and they need a van that's wheelchair accessible. Right now, they rely on public transit. That's where the community steps in.

"We're trying to get together to make his life easier," said Brandon Blust with Back the Blue.

Members of the community were asked to buy a $20 Christmas ornaments to be hung on the "Tree of Hope", in their name or $100 large ornaments that will be hung on the BRPD department headquarters grounds.

In the spirit of holiday season, it didn't take long for community members to buy an ornament or simply write a check on behalf of Officer Faust and in the spirit of uplifting law enforcement.

Jodi Faust, Officer Faust's wife said the support from the community has left them speechless.

"There really aren't any words. There's so much going on. It's very hard to understand the reality and then to see other people help, it's amazing," she said.

All the money raised will go towards buying a twelve-passenger van with modifications to fit Officer Faust's wheelchair.

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