Baton Rouge bike-building charity expands with second location

Baton Rouge bike-building charity expands with second location

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Government Street business is about to start booming. Mid City Bikes had been quietly serving the cycling community, but the new owner is broadening its focus.

"What was once known as Mid City Bikes is now owned by the kids and founders of Front Yard Bikes, a prominent community bike shop in south Baton Rouge," said Dustin LaFont, director of Front Yard Bikes.

LaFont and his non-profit have been training the neighborhood children of Terrace Street near the Terrace Street Library for years. At Front Yard Bikes, a kid can not only receive a bike of their own, but can also learn by building that bike with their own hands. Kids learn so much from that experience, not only how to repair bicycles, but how to solve problems by working them out. They gain self-esteem from the mastery of bike construction and forge friendships with other kids that are priceless.

LaFont explains the number of adults showing up at Terrace Street needing bike repairs and services was doubling as his friend, Travis Hans, began to close his Mid City Bikes business.

"After approaching the kids, board members, and donors about the idea, FYB purchased Mid City Bikes as a means to better serve its adult population, increase sales, and provide a professional work experience for aspiring interns," said LaFont.

The whole intention, LaFont says, is to maintain the bicycle sales of Mid City Bikes to help fund building bikes for the poor, but also to bring the adults who want to learn the art of building their own bike to the Government Street location.

Front Yard Bikes is not leaving Terrace Street. "The sensational community bike shop located at 700 Terrace St. will still be open every day after school for kids and continue to provide mechanics, gardening, cooking, and welding experiences. FYB is also known for providing academic accountability and mentoring," LaFont reminds us.

So if you need a bike, some parts, or a tune up, visit FYB's Mid City shop at 2560 Government St. in Baton Rouge. All proceeds support after school programming and interns.

For more information, email, call 225-636-5776, or visit

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