Family advises others to watch for warning signs after loved one slain in triple homicide

Laquana Whitfield (Source: Family)
Laquana Whitfield (Source: Family)
Laquana Whitfield (Source: Family)
Laquana Whitfield (Source: Family)

EAST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A Baker family is reeling after their loved one was killed in a triple homicide Sunday afternoon.

Latasha Hardnett says she is still numb just hours after her sister, Laquana Whitfield, was taken. She was shot to death inside her home in East Feliciana Parish. The suspected gunman is the 30-year-old's ex-boyfriend, Taurus Hamilton, 36.

"I'm kind of relieved that they caught him," said Hardnett. "I wasn't going to go to sleep until they caught him."

She remembers Whitfield as a giving spirit, a loving sister and an excellent mother. She and her family now cannot wrap their minds around why Hamilton would take her life, but they say it's not the first time he has threatened her. "He's violent and he likes to fight her, so I told her she needed to get a restraining order. At that point, I did tell her that," said Hardnett.

In fact, there were plenty of harsh words over their ten-year off and on again relationship, but Hardnett says her sister was no longer with Hamilton and had moved on with her life. She believes it was her sister's strength to leave though that may have pushed her former lover over the edge.

"The point that he couldn't have her and she wasn't coming back, that was his problem," said Hardnett.

Hamilton and his mother, Belinda Folse, are linked to four murders. Police believe Hamilton got into a fight at a Zachary gas station where he fatally shot a man. Hours later, they think he drove to Whitfield's house, where he allegedly opened fire on three people inside. Police say his mother then drove him out of town, but they were picked up during a traffic stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama just before noon Monday.

"We don't have Laquana anymore," said Whitfield's aunt, Shirley Dunn. "She's resting with God and we know she is but as for Ike, I don't have any concern for him. I don't have anything to say for him."

While nothing will bring back their loved one, the family says they want the death penalty for Hamilton and hope other families will take threats more seriously. "Take things more seriously, because sometimes you think you know a person and you really don't know them," said Hardnett.

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