VIDEO: Exterminator shares nightmarish footage of massive hornets' nest removal

VIDEO: Exterminator shares nightmarish footage of massive hornets' nest removal

PATTERSON, LA (WAFB) - There's only one thing we have to say to the "granddaddy of hornets' nests" - nope.

An insect-removing superhero, Jude Verret, posted a truly terrifying video to his Facebook page, and to his Youtube account, Stinger Creations, detailing his recent encounter with an enormous wasps' nest in Patterson, Louisiana.

Verret runs an insect removal and beekeeping company called Stinger Creations in Morgan City, Louisiana.

"We got here, what I could say, is the granddaddy of hornets' nests," he says as he surveys the massive humming structure that's taken over half of an outdoor shed.The insects occupying the nest? European yellow jackets.

Wearing a go-pro on his chest to give viewers a truly immersive experience, Verret shared the 45-minute long removal process over four videos. Verret starts to dismantle the nest, which has managed to engulf several contents of the shed, including metal rods, screen window frames, and a basketball.

"Didn't get stung at all," he wrote in the video's description – putting the seal on his new title as King of wasp-infested land.

As he tries to narrate what he's looking at, the buzz of the yellow jackets is so loud it overpowers any other sound. Dressed in a white hazmat suite with gloved hands, viewers get to watch in horror as he physically rips apart the nest's mass.

Yellow jackets are a common wasp in North America. Generally, wasp nests don't last through the winter, but in temperate climates like Louisiana, a nest can endure through the winter months if the days don't get too cold.

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