Residents make mad rush to pick up turkeys and hams before Thanksgiving

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many people waited in line for 30 minutes to get their hams from Honey Baked Ham on Florida Boulevard Wednesday.

"Oh my gosh, it was out the door when I came. When I looked inside, I thought about turning around, but I was like, 'I have to do it,'" said Marcus Thompson.

"We are open at 7 a.m. this morning and we close at 8 p.m. tonight. Pretty much, they had people waiting in the parking lot to come in," said Marlisa Hill, who works at Honey Baked Ham.

After 7 a.m., the line was still out the door.

Meanwhile, over at Tony's Seafood, it was a full parking lot as people picked up their pre-ordered turkeys.

"We have six pots that we convert. Those are our crawfish pots. We convert them into fryers so we do about 84 birds an hour that we fry," said Tony's Seafood's Darren Pizzolato.

In fact, Tony's has sold 2,000 fried turkeys so far this week and they started cooking early, doing 500 on Monday, another 500 on Tuesday, and nearly 1,000 on Wednesday. "We always get it the day before. It's kind of like a tradition in the fried turkeys are always a tradition for us for Thanksgiving," said Lisa Hudson.

There was one order for a whopping 145 turkeys.

"It's a long-standing tradition from my law firm, one way we give back to the folks who helped us out throughout the year," said lawyer, Chip Duhe.

Aside from turkeys, there are crabs and shrimp for those who want to make gumbo. While there may be long waits during the holidays, the majority of people are in the holiday spirit and don't mind. "We love it. I see where this place came from. I see were my grandfather started it. It just puts a smile on my face as you can tell. It means a lot to me," said Pizzolato.

"It's good to see everybody here that they want to come. It's exciting to us. We like doing it every year. We love it," said Hill.

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