Salvation Army gives away free Thanksgiving meals to families in need

Salvation Army gives away free Thanksgiving meals to families in need

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Members of the Salvation Army wanted to make sure that families in need still had a good Thanksgiving, so they decided to help out those families by handing out free meals.

They set up shop at six different locations, three in the Gardere area and three more in North Baton Rouge. One location was on Ned Avenue, where many volunteers showed up to help hand out food.

A representative of the Salvation Army says helping those in need during the holidays is a part of their mission. "One of the things we see is that oftentimes, especially during the holiday season, people will either choose to have a great Thanksgiving meal or Christmas activities for their children, and they don't have enough to take care of the daily demands of paying the rent or choosing medication, so this just kind of helps them be able to have both," said Major Mary Meredith of the Salvation Army.

Another giveaway point was at the Scotland Square Apartments on Blount Road, where Nubian Kruzers United, a group of motorcyclists, helped distribute food. They say they wanted to join forces with the Salvation Army because it's a rewarding experience.

"I thank Major for inviting us to come," said Kruzer Larry Myers. "And just to see the pleasure on each of these people's faces is just... that did it for me. That's what I get from it."

"We're used to taking our holidays and giving it to the community, and that's part of what we do at the Salvation Army, is it is about others," said Major Brett Meredith of the Salvation Army. "And giving, and making sure that others receive the things that they need."

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