Mid-week frontal passage will set up nice, cool Thanksgiving Day weather

Mid-week frontal passage will set up nice, cool Thanksgiving Day weather

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was a mild start to the day with many WAFB neighborhoods getting up to 80° before the clouds moved in.  Now we sit back and wait for the frontal rains.  A few neighborhoods have seen passing showers already this afternoon and Doppler radar shows a line of action in Acadiana, but the actual cold front is still in northwestern Louisiana as of 3:00 p.m.  The front is not expected to reach the Baton Rouge metro area until well after 6:00 p.m.

As we've been saying for days, this front will not be much of a rainmaker and we are not concerned about any severe weather threats. Most WAFB neighborhoods will see less than 1/4" of rain, and many will see little or no rain at all as the front rolls through.  In addition, we expect the rains to be out of the area before midnight, allowing skies to clear and taking us into a very cool start for your Sunday.

How cool? How about the mid 40°s for the Capital City region at sunrise.  And while Sunday will be a day of sunshine-and-blue-skies, afternoon highs for most WAFB communities will only reach the low to mid 60°s.  In fact, some of our viewers near and north of the LA/MS state line may not get out of the 50°s on Sunday.

But the real chill comes on Monday morning: the First Alert Forecast as of Saturday afternoon sets the Monday morning low at 36° for metro Baton Rouge.  And there is still some wiggle room as to how low it might go … that could mean some pockets of frost, especially north and east of Baton Rouge.  Indeed, it is possible that some of our Mississippi viewers could be flirting with a light freeze for Monday morning.  Monday temperatures will rebound into the afternoon, returning to the low 60s for the BR metro area.

Our earlier somewhat-muddled forecast for the middle of Thanksgiving Week has finally come into better focus.  Expect a weak cold front to roll through the WAFB area between Tuesday and Wednesday, producing just isolated showers on its way through.  For now, set rain chances at about 20% for the latter part of Tuesday and also carry 20%-or-less for the early hours on Wednesday. The bottom line: that mid-week front will not be much of a rainmaker either.

That mid-week frontal passage sets us up for a nice, cool Thanksgiving Day under mostly sunny skies.  We could see morning lows in the mid to upper 30°s for Thursday morning, with highs only reaching the upper 50°s to around 60° for the Red Stick - - about 10° cooler than the norm and giving the day a real holiday feel.

The Black Friday forecast is a good one too, with a morning start in the upper 30° to near 40° and an afternoon high in the mid 60°s under mostly sunny skies.  That forecast should please both shoppers and merchants alike.

The current First Alert extended outlook into next weekend calls for fair to partly cloudy skies on Saturday with highs in the 70°s, followed by a return of scattered rains for next Sunday.

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