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Man arrested after running counterfeit money scheme at multiple Victoria's Secret locations

Derrick Burke, 25 (Source: EBRSO) Derrick Burke, 25 (Source: EBRSO)

An Atlanta man is behind bars after police say he and another man ran an elaborate scheme purchasing over $1,000 of merchandise from Victoria's Secret in the Mall of Louisiana using counterfeit money.

According to arrest records, Baton Rouge Police Department arrested 25-year-old Derrick Burke, of Atlanta, on Friday after receiving reports that he allegedly used counterfeit money to make purchases.

Burke was identified by an employee of the store after being shown a six-person photo lineup.

Police say Burke entered the Victoria's Secret along with Antravious Oliver, a co-defendant in this incident. According to authorities, the pair successfully made three separate purchases by using 30 counterfeit $50 bills for about $1,027.52 in purchases from the store.

Police confirmed all the $50 bills did, in fact, have the same serial numbers and also appeared to lack security features of a genuine $50 bill.

Burke was identified as the person who successfully completed fraudulent refund transactions for a total of $687.62 from items that were bought with counterfeit bills at the Pecanland Mall Victoria's Secret location in Monroe.

Oliver admitted to police to using counterfeit bills in the state of Louisiana as the group traveled from Atlanta, GA. He told police refunds were made at different Victoria's Secret locations along the way for the exchange of genuine cash.

Burke was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on multiple counts of theft, refund application fraud, monetary instrument abuse, and computer fraud. He has a bail set at $102,500.

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