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More mild November days expected until cold front rolls through over weekend

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Thursday was another in our recent string of mild November days, although we did have some high clouds through the afternoon that filtered sunshine.

Thursday morning started with a dense fog advisory in effect for the viewing area and that's likely to be the story for Friday morning’s commute as well. Look for sunrise temperatures on Friday in the mid 50s for the Red Stick and like Thursday, the morning fog should be out of the way by the mid-to-late morning, with skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon. We’re setting Friday’s high in the upper 70s for metro Baton Rouge. Another nice November afternoon on the way.

Friday evening should be just fine for high school football playoffs or for those heading to Mid-City’s White Light Night art and music festival with temperatures slipping from around 70° at 6 p.m. down into the mid 60s by 10 p.m.

Into the weekend, the First Alert Forecast still has a cold front arriving in the region on Saturday. The morning should start off in the low 60s, a little bit on the muggy side and likely with some patchy fog. Afternoon temperatures should top out around 80° for the Capital City area. Expect a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers arriving in the late afternoon to early evening. The frontal rains will roll through the WAFB area during the late afternoon and evening, coming to an end during Sunday’s pre-dawn hours.

We’ve been talking about this for a while. The weekend front will not be much of a rainmaker and we don’t anticipate any severe weather as the front moves through. Indeed, rain chances for the WAFB viewing area right now only run about 50 percent or so, and most of those that do get rain will likely see less than 0.1” for the event.

Again, the rain should be out of the WAFB area by or before sunrise on Sunday with skies becoming fair to partly cloudy into the afternoon. Look for a morning start on Sunday in the upper 40s with an afternoon high only in the low 60s. Quite a change from Saturday’s high!

Get set for a morning low in the upper 30s for Monday morning and a high on Monday in the low 60s. We can’t totally rule out a spotty shower here and there on Monday, but rain chances are currently set at a meager 10 percent for the day.

We are posting rain chances at 30 percent for both Tuesday and Wednesday for the time being, with highs on both days in the mid to upper 60s.

The Thanksgiving Day forecast for Thursday is looking better than it did in previous days. Expect a sun/cloud mix for the day with highs in the mid 60s after a morning start in the low 40s. We will not rule out spotty to isolated showers on Thursday, but the vast majority of WAFB neighborhoods will stay dry. And a quick glance all the way out to Black Friday: the 8-day outlook suggests a partly to mostly cloudy day with highs in the upper 60s.

And just to send us a reminder that it's still hurricane season, Mother Nature is generating a broad disturbance in the Caribbean that has grabbed the attention of the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The southwest to northeast "stretched" look to the cloud mass is reflecting the upper-level shearing winds impacting the disturbance and these winds will likely keep significant development at bay.

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