OUR TURN: Police Overtime

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - You probably heard about Lee Zurik's investigation into state police overtime.

Zurik found that the highest paid law officer in the state was not working the hours that he was claiming on his timesheet. Last week, the Baton Rouge Police Department announced that it was dealing with a similar scandal.

What these "bad apple" police officers are doing is stealing from us, the people who pay their salaries. It's wrong, but what is equally troubling is the management of these police operations.

It was no secret that officer was making salary and overtime that totaled $240,000. That's a bad business practice on so many levels. If someone was actually working that much, they would be at risk for significant physical and mental health problems. They are also at risk for fatigue-related errors and that's not what you want in a person who must deal with life or death situations.

There are easy-to-implement business practices that would address these problems. Our law enforcement leaders need to put them in place immediately.

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