WATCH: LeBron James, Cavs team ride NYC subway from practice

WATCH: LeBron James, Cavs team ride NYC subway from practice

NEW YORK (WAFB) - New Yorkers got quite the surprise at Penn Station on Monday.

Cleveland Cavaliers are set to play the New York Knicks on Monday night. After a shoot-around practice at the legendary Madison Square Garden, the team decided it would be in their best interest to take the subway.

In a video posted to Twitter, NBA superstar LeBron James filmed the experience, guard Kyle Kover said, "We had two options: a 45-minute bus ride or a six-minute train ride." The team clearly opted for the latter.

James also flashed his phone's camera in front of an unsuspecting passenger who, in typical New Yorker fashion, pushed the phone away and sternly asked James, "Can you not?"

"I don't know this dude right here, he trippin'," James laughed.

In a seperate video, James said the trip was his second time riding a subway, and his first time doing so in New York.

"As long as I'm getting on the right damn train, that's all I care about," he said, echoing the sentiment of just about every tourist who has ever taken a trip into the city's underground.

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