Sen. Bill Cassidy withdraws support for Roy Moore over sexual misconduct allegations

Sen. Bill Cassidy withdraws support for Roy Moore over sexual misconduct allegations

(WAFB) - U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has withdrawn his support for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama over allegations of sexual misconduct by Moore years ago.

In a tweet, Cassidy said, "Based on the allegation against Roy Moore, his response, and what is known, I withdraw support."

An Alabama woman says Moore, the Republican nominee for next month's U.S. Senate election, made inappropriate advances and had sexual contact with her when she was 14, according to a Washington Post story Thursday. The Senate's GOP leader said if the report is shown to be true, Moore must step aside.

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A defiant Roy Moore on Saturday insisted the allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago were false and voters in Alabama would "see through this charade."

The Republican Senate candidate showed no signs of backing down despite the demand of a growing number of Washington Republicans for him to step aside.

It's too late for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's name to be removed from the ballot, even if he wants to drop out.

Senate candidate Roy Moore's campaign is calling allegations of sexual misconduct "the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation."

President Donald Trump on Saturday deflected questions about whether the Alabama Republican Senate candidate should drop out of the race because of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

The White House says Trump believes Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore "will do the right thing and step aside" if sexual misconduct allegations against him are true.

On Friday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee is ending its fundraising agreement with Moore. The step comes as Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have called on Moore to step aside in the Alabama Senate race if the allegations are true.

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