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Adams Co. suspect charged with 50 counts of dog fighting, aggravated animal cruelty

Tommie Queen Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office Tommie Queen Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office
Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office
Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office
Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office Source: Adams Co. Sheriff's Office
ADAMS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -


The Sheriff's Department has charged a man wanted in a suspected dog fighting ring.

On Thursday, Tommie Queen was being charged with 50 counts of dog fighting ($50,000), possession of stolen property ($5,000), and aggravated animal cruelty ($5,000).

According to Sheriff Patten, Queen turned himself in Wednesday afternoon after a suspected dog fighting ring was found behind his home in Adams County Monday evening. 

Sheriff Patten said over 50 pit bulls were discovered overnight behind the home on Miracle Road in the Cranfield Community. 

Neighbors say they are saddened, but not shocked.

"We have called the Sheriff's Department several times, but there was no evidence," said a neighbor. "I would see a lot of people and the dogs cutting up big time."

When deputies arrived, they found a black pit bull chained to a car in the front yard and barking coming from the back of the home. Then they found 35-40 dogs chained up throughout the wooded area in the rear of the house. 

"It is unbelievable," said Deputy Karen Ewing. "It makes me sick."

Officers tried knocking on the door, but nobody answered. Some of the dogs had serious injuries. 

"Some of the extremely aggressive dogs. They may be euthanized," said Sheriff Patten. "But the ones that can be saved, we are going to try to save as many of them as possible."

Sheriff Patten said, “You probably have about two acres with nothing but pit bulls. We have dogs, some with their legs bitten off, one with its lower jaw missing. You have a bone yard out here in plain view. They didn’t have the decency to bury the dogs.”

The number of hurt animals on the property was overwhelming for the Natchez-Adams Humane Society. Several had to be euthanized on site because of the extent of their injuries.

Sheriff Patten says this is the "largest animal abuse case in the state".

While checking the license plates of cars on the property, deputies found a stolen 2007 Ford F-250 out of Jefferson Davis County.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has taken over and will handle all funding from here on out. They also have possession of the dogs. 

The GoFundMe account set up for the Adams County Sheriff's Department is being closed now that the ASPCA is taking over.

Money already collected on the GoFundMe will go towards vet bills, treatment, dog food, and any other expenses the sheriff's department incurred since Monday.

 The following statement has been placed on the Go Fund Me page:   
“There were several questions as to what happens to these funds now that the ASPCA has taken over. The funds raised up to this point will be used to cover expenses incurred by our initial contact with these animals including veterinarian expenses and expenses to Natchez-Adams Humane Society. Once these are taken care of, we will sit down with the ASPCA and determine how best to apply any monies left over.” 
The Adams County Sheriff's Department thanks everyone who donated via Go Fund Me as well as everyone who brought dog food, bedding, collars, leashes, cash and checks.

"The outpouring of love and support from people across America and as far away as the UK has been humbling," the department said in a statement.   

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