LA State Police Cadet Class 97 embark on weeks of training

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For 20 long weeks, 49 men and women will be put through intense and stressful training to become one of Louisiana's finest as a trooper for state police.

Superintendent of Louisiana State Police, Colonel Kevin Reeves said, in the beginning, the rigorous training can be jarring.

"Many of them have never been through anything close to this. Even those that have been through the military before, have said that this is a shock to them as they get here," Colonel Reeves said.

Sunday afternoon was the first of many long days of strict instruction that will test the cadets' mental and physical toughness to prepare them for what they might face in the real world.

"We try to encompass all facets of what a law enforcement officer may face, of course, we can't do that for every case," he said. Colonel Reeves said they do, however, attempt to prepare them for every situation so they can protect themselves and the community.

Officials with LSP said these aspiring troopers were chosen for hire after going through a psychological evaluation, polygraph and oral interview, written test, background check and of course a physical fitness test.

"We believe that the citizens of this state deserve the most professional, well-trained law enforcement officers that we can produce out there on the streets, serving them day in and day out," Colonel Reeves said.

Colonel Reeves said this isn't a weeding out process, they started with 49 cadets and hope to keep them.

"I think you're literally in a state of shock when you get here but in the end, you see that it all comes together, it all means something," he said.

But this is also when the cadets figure out if being a state trooper will be part of their future.

"Certainly, some people find that it's not for them and we understand that. But the ones on the end that graduate, we're going to make sure that they represent the state of Louisiana and citizens that we serve in the best fashion possible," Colonel Reeves said.

The cadets are expected to graduate in Spring 2018.

Applications are currently being accepted for the next cadet class at the Louisiana State Police Commission located at 7979 Independence Boulevard, Suite 208.

More information on the qualifications and hiring for LSP can be found here.

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