Teen arrested after stabbing couple during armed robbery

Teen arrested after stabbing couple during armed robbery

A Baton Rouge woman is in custody after police say she stabbed a couple during an armed robbery of a vehicle.

The Baton Rouge Police Department has in custody 18-year-old Keondra McNeely on charges of attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery after police say she intended to kill a couple by slashing the throat and stabbing one victim

According to authorities, the two victims told police McNeely, along with two other unidentified co-defendants, were riding in a vehicle with them before the incident occurred.

One of the victims told police they had been driving the McNeely and the others all day and had been staying with them for three days while in town visiting family and friends. The female victim said she asked to go to a friend's house to use the restroom.

The victim told police she noticed McNeely and the other two go into an unknown apartment, returning later and sat directly behind her. That is when McNeely allegedly grabbed her head and cut her throat then began stabbing her in the back, shoulder, and arms, according to authorities.

The victim's boyfriend attempted to stop the attack and was also stabbed multiple times, police say. The victim told police she heard someone yell, "I am taking your car b****!" during the attack.

Police say both victims were able to escape from the vehicle, at which time McNeely and the other two fled the scene in the victim's vehicle.

Both victims were suffering from multiple stab wounds and were transported to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment and surgeries. The vehicle was later recovered within two blocks of McNeely's residence, police say.

Detectives were able to show a 6-picture line-up to the victim, to which both were able to positively identify McNeely.

Police say both victims remain hospitalized due to their injuries.

McNeely was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on two counts of each of the charges she was arrested for.

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