Despite being underdogs, LSU fans confident heading into game day

Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WAFB) - Tiger fans headed into enemy territory Friday, hoping to give LSU players the extra boost they needed to come up with a win.

The Crimson Tide is a 21-point favorite over the Tigers.

University Avenue, the popular spot for fans leading up to game day, wasn't as full as fans expected it to be. "No, no, it's usually rocking and rolling," said long-time Tiger fan, Colin Andrews. "Tomorrow, tomorrow it will be rocking and rolling. This is the bullpen warming up, getting ready to go."

One Alabama fan says LSU is afraid of seeing the outcome on the field. "They're scared. I would imagine that. Quite scared to be here," said Clint Carbonneau.

But many LSU fans aren't backing down. Felix Gray is looking at a potentially long weekend, and year, since he's watching the game with his girlfriend's family... all Alabama fans.

"They started clowning on me, basically saying, 'You need to be an Alabama fan if you wanna be in this family,' so it's this big ole' tug of war thing we got going on," said Gray.

Gray and his girlfriend's family set up right outside a shopping mall in Tuscaloosa ahead of Saturday's big game. And just to make things interesting, there's a lot riding on the outcome.

"That's the bet. When we win, he gotta' wear Alabama gear and he can stay in the family," said Marcus Sewll, an Alabama fan.

Gray says if LSU wins, he'll be talking about it nonstop all next year. Another LSU fan that's confident is Brian Lupe from New Orleans. He's been in Tuscaloosa since Thursday, and he already has a prediction for how it's going to play out in the end. "24 to 17, Tigers win," Lupe said. "DJ Chark returns a punt for the game-winning touchdown."

The Tigers play Alabama at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 4. The game will air on WAFB.

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