Author turns three decades old BR cold case into a book

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was one of the first big cold cases to come to fruition for Baton Rouge, a case three decades old with numerous twists and turns and now it's all documented in a book, "My Brother's Keeper."

"This book is about how Ted Kergan spent 30 years and well over a million dollars to bring his brother's two killers to justice," said author Chris Russo Blackwood, who is a first-time author of "My Brother's Keeper." It's a true story of a Baton Rouge cold case from 1984 and the brother of the victim.

"He was my brother by chance. He was my friend by choice and I really miss him," said Ted Kergan, the victim's brother. Kergan's brother Gary went missing in Nov. 1984 from Baton Rouge. Back then, Leila Mulla, 19, and Ronald Dunnagan, 36, were arrested for the murder.

However, because a body was never found, the two were released and the case went cold.

In 1984, there were no cell phones and no internet. Fast forward to 2012 and advanced technology like DNA finally linked the two suspects once again to Kergan's murder, not to mention diaries kept by Mulla that Blackwood used in her book.

"It was one of the things that got the case reopened. She directly refers to Gary Kergan as Sonic Gary in her diaries," said Blackwood because the Kergan brothers owned Sonics

The author started following the case back in 2012 and was hooked. It all started with lunch with a friend involved in the case. From there, she started keeping notes but Ted Kergan had already kept very good records from numerous clippings and investigating his own money and time. In fact, Blackwood said a library had 900 documents just from this case.

"This is just the index from all the documents that I was provided," said Blackwood. "An incredible amount of research and investigation was done on the part of Ted Kergan. That's why this story had to be told. I mean who would do this? Who would go this far?"

Now, both Mulla and Dunnagan are behind bars convicted in Kergan's death after a long trial in 2015. But, Gary's brother is still looking for closure. Gary's body has never been found.

"Ted continues to carry on his own investigation, still looking for his brother in a way," said Blackwood.

Blackwood's book captures Ted Kergan's triumph through the darkness.

"It's very gratifying to me to know that Ted's story will be told," said Blackwood.

A booking signing will be this Sunday at the main branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m.

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