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Missing 3-year-old girl found in DeKalb County

Serenity Sanders and Eric Gilbreath (Source: Eric Gilbreath) Serenity Sanders and Eric Gilbreath (Source: Eric Gilbreath)
Serenity Sanders (Source: Eric Gilbreath) Serenity Sanders (Source: Eric Gilbreath)

DeKalb County authorities confirmed a 3-year-old was found alive after going missing overnight.

Deputies said 3-year-old Serenity Sanders was disappeared from her parents' home in the 600 block of County Road 957 in the Lebanon community Thursday evening. They said she opened the sliding glass door and walked out.

She was found in the woods Friday morning.

DeKalb County Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson said about 10 people were near the home early Friday morning looking for Serenity.

She was found at about 7:30 a.m. approximately 500 to 600 yards from the house unharmed and seemingly OK. She was transported to DeKalb Regional Medical Center to be checked out.

“The amount of support that was received from all these agencies and citizens that came to assist in finding this little girl just goes to show what a great County that we live in. We are so thankful that she was found unharmed and okay. Thank you to all that assisted in this search,” said Edmondson.

A family member, Eric Gilbreath, was the one who found her. He said he drove two hours to help search.

"I was determined. I wasn't going to stop till somebody found her," he said.

Gilbreath said he was getting disheartened after calling her name for three and a half hours without getting an answer. Then he saw the dog and began getting closer until he found her. And she was totally calm.

Gilbreath said he was also lost at that point and got law enforcement to use their siren to help lead them back out as he listened to the talkative little girl all the way.

"Yeah, I got lucky. She got lucky  We all got lucky," Gilbreath said.

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