Watson kid needs your vote to turn his idea into a real toy

WATSON, LA (WAFB) - Jackson Pemberton, 13, is an 8th grader at Live Oak Junior High and is in the gifted program.

Late in September, one of his teachers gave all the students an assignment.

"Create a toy for fatbraintoys.com, which is a toy website that's based on education and children learning," said Pemberton.

In the one week he had to work on the assignment, Pemberton came up with a concept, or toy, called Power Towers.

"It learns the logic of circuitry which is how people can create complex electrical circuits to do different things, but you're also playing with water and building towers while staying safe from the electrical shock," said Pemberton.

It was difficult to keep up with exactly how the concept works. "I heard it. I had 20 percent clue as to what he was talking about. I'm very proud of my son," said Pemberton's father, John Pemberton.

Pemberton did not even tell his parents about the assignment. "My thought process was easy A," said Pemberton.

Then in late October, his concept became one of five finalists in the entire country. "I was shocked. I was completely and utterly shocked," said Pemberton.

His parents though still didn't know about their son's accomplishments until they found it on Facebook to vote for their son. "I found out because my wife sent me a Facebook link to vote for my son's project because he was a finalist," said John.

His parents say Pemberton has always been on a different level and now, knowing their son could win and his concept could be turned into a real educational toy, means a lot to them. "It means that all the Legos I've stepped on over the years are worth something. Those sharp pains in your feet, it's stimulating young minds and he could be a young toy master or something like that," said John.

Click here to vote for Pemberton. Voting is open until November 12.

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