New Roads city council appoints interim mayor

New Roads Interim Mayor Anthony Daisy (Source: WAFB)
New Roads Interim Mayor Anthony Daisy (Source: WAFB)
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Wednesday evening, the New Roads council officially appointed an interim mayor.

The decision to name Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Daisy as interim mayor was unanimous. WAFB's Scottie Hunter asked Daisy how he felt about getting the unanimous approval. "Well a lot of weight I guess is off my shoulders, Scottie, but it feels real good and I'm really excited," Daisy answered.

The move happened before a packed council chamber and afterwards, folks waited in line for the chance to shake hands with their new leader. Roosevelt Gremillion was among the crowd and calls it a great day for the city. He says he has nothing but confidence in the temporary mayor.

"We have a lot of respect for Anthony," said Gremillion. "I've been knowing him for a long time and we do believe that he will do a good job."

Daisy's appointment came as no surprise. Councilwoman Bernadine St. Cyr says it's perfectly in line with the city's rules. "In the event that the previous mayor resigns or left office for whatever reason that the mayor pro tem would fill the vacancy until the next election."

It has been a tough time for New Roads. Former mayor, Robert Myer, is now a convicted felon after pleading no contest two weeks ago to allegations that he grossly misused city funds while in office.

"It was just a bad situation really," said Gremillion.

"What has happened in the past, that's done and over with and we're looking for positive things for the future," Daisy added.

With Daisy now in charge, it leaves the mayor pro tem job open, which will likely be filled by a current council member before someone new is brought on.

9News checked with the Secretary of State's Office Wednesday who says it's up to the city's charter to decide what happens next. Several folks at the meeting say they already have a good idea of how they want the next steps to take shape.

"It leaves a pro tem position open and I believe that should be from the council," said St. Cyr.

"We'd like to see some younger people come in. We'd like to see some young people come forward," said Gremillion.

The official test for the temporary mayor has already started and Daisy says he is focused on making the title permanent. "We're going to move forward and you'll see New Roads continue to prosper and grow," said Daisy.

It's something some believe he will have no problem accomplishing. "If he does well, it may be that he may not even have any opposition," Gremillion added.

Daisy will hold the position until December of 2018. Myer will not be able to run for mayor again and will have to submit to finger printing. His official sentencing is set for January 9, 2018.

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